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It's a November-depression

I had my last ride just 4 days ago and yet it feels like some kind of eternity and I am truly bored! Nothing concerns me, nothing makes me wanna go out on my little scooter as a kind of replacement, though I had to ride it yesterday; to the shop!

The backlight broke down and this scooter, appearantly any new scooters are a freaking annoyance in maintenance-questions. So I had to consult my mechanic to fix this. Just out of caution I asked him to change the bulb of the headlamp too.
It was kinda funny when he looked at me and showed me his crowded workshop, which is about 50 squaremeters and there were about 12 bikes standing in. Four of them standing in pieces. He smiled and wanted me to come back another time with an appointment. I said that I ride in darkness most of the time and asked him if we can make a settlement. He asked me if I could leave the scooter with him. Of course I could!

I like my mechanic. I set him up with some extra work and as a little thank you he gave me a nice maxi-scooter as a replacement for the day! Actually it is his own scooter. A Kymco Downtown 350 which is a 2016 model, I believe. Lovely ride, but as almost all of those Kymcos left with a real sucking set of tires. Kenda ....something. Stiff, no grip and no feel for nothing!

I rode it for about 120km and I really liked it, except for the tires. But it couldn't get my mind of my bike. I really hope, that the weather will clear up next weekend. So I will be able to make at least a quick ride. Even if it is just for an hour. As long as it is dry, warmer than 5°C and almost daylight I will go out for a ride!

For now I will have to get out and do the usual shopping and refuel my scooter for the next week. Maybe I can think of something to do with my bike-free-time...

5.11.16 14:52
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