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It is done!

I have passed.
Now it is time to do some shopping. Well, I might be through with that either :D
But I won't tell you yet. It's not because I want to be rude, but because I have to wait for confirmation by the seller. But after that I will be the proud owner of...

NO! I don't want to tell you now...sorry.

The driving test was hell. I mean why would I have to wait that long for everything? At the beginning I had to wait because the inspector (Is that the right term for the man that decides if you are to get your licence) was sitting in a cafe. I was just about to explode as he decided to join us. Well, he was a really relaxed fellow and maybe this was no bad thing after all, because I nearly messed up with the basic riding skills, but the rest went quite well.
After that he sat in the car talking to my driving instructor making awfully wild looking gestures for almost 15min.
Well, thats it, I was thinking, I failed! But I passed, probably just and I will never know how close it was, but who cares? :D

Today was a real exciting day. I checked on several (different) bikes to find MY BIKE.
As I went off to my first test ride I heard my driving instructor, I literally did.
During doing the theory he told us that he will train us for our bike life, not for the driving test.
Now I know what he meant. I was almost shitting myself. But the second I was rolling I remembered everything he taught me. Just like a bad and cheaply made instructional film, but it was real. I could not fail at any time whatsoever.
I was simply riding it, relaxed but mindful. Even though this bike was so much stronger than the Kawasaki I rode during my training.

I wrote a big thank you to the man that trained me so well, telling him about it and about my choice
But I have to admit, that the bike made it quite easy. It was such a smooth, comfortable and awesome ride!

 As soon as I can I will present my first bike.

16.10.16 00:28
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