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For the first time.

The big goal (the bike-license) is about to being archieved and for the very first time I am genuinely scared.

This is not about a bad accident, but about a smaller one that would paralyse me financially.
But the worst case would be if I would wake up any day in the near future realizing that I am not a bike rider at all.
It scares the sh*t out of me!

Most of the times I'm sitting on my couch and like to think of this thoughts as being a grom right before marriage. I'm talking about cold feets ;-)

Since I had my first license (car) I enjoyed driving anything as long as I could chose my rides by heart. And caught on as I got my truck-license and why the hell should this streak end now?
Well, I didn't get to choose my trucks, but I enjoyed it anyway.

There is still another concern.
I picked my bike to be a few days ago and because of having no license yet I have to wait before I can go and make the deal. For that reason every passing day is a pain. It's the pain of not knowing if the the bike is still there or did anybody else take it already.
That would be really disappointing!


I'll keep you all posted...

3.10.16 12:59
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