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Bike-license Part1

Let's see if I can do this right.

Had my theory test on tuesday and of course I passed.
My first riding lesson was on friday. It was the usual basic stuff like starting the bike, how to shift, how to brake, you know what I mean.
When I looked back a few hours later I wasn't satified at all, but that's all right.

Yesterday was the second lesson. It was so much better.
Well, it was not perfect, but I got to feel the bike a little bit and I wasn't confused anymore about the huge difference between the bike (a Kawasaki ER6-n btw) and my little scooter.
It was the day of basic riding stuff like emergency-braking, slaloms, turming the bike and avoiding small trucks ;-)
I had two of them trying to run me over. But with all my experience with other vehicles I anticipated their behaviour.

Subsequently my driving instructor told me he would try to get my driving test for the 14th of octobre, what would be a really nice coincident, because on 14.04.14 I decided to get my bike license. Thats a long time, but I already told you about all my struggles, right?

On the next thursday I will have my next lesson. I don't know the right word for it, but in german it's called "Überlandfahrt" which I would refer to as a ride on the countryside :-D
On saturday we'll go on the motorways. Yes, the german "Autobahn" with no speed limit, but with a naked bike it might be exhausting?


My quest for a bike is developing as well.
I have a V-Strom in the Eifel fully kitted for travelling with panniers, a top box, crashbars and hand-protectors. for relatively little money at a dealership. Another V-Strom is available with a almost similar kit by a private seller in a region called "Bergisches Land" and several Honda Deauvilles near by. But the first V-Strom ist my absolute favourite one.

25.9.16 12:04
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