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After being away for a while I'd like to get you an update on how it is coming along.

The past few weeks were hell, really shitty!
I struggled so much, with money, with motivation and my health. But now the sun seems to shine again.

Did I tell you, that I am no rich man and possibly never will be?
Thats why certain things could slow me down easily, I'm talking about money. After my last relationship ended I had to take an awful financial risk to get along with my life. But I don't want to bother you with details.

Waht I want to mention is that this risk is gone and my life seems to change for the better.

So I am going to buy new (proper) gear to make my license, because my basic scooter gear won't past my demands for riding an actual bike.
I'm going to buy a new jacket, pants, gloves, boots and helmet and obviously new glasses to wear under an helmet, because my current glasses do not fit. They bend inside the helmet and subsequently hurt me, what makes wearing them unbearable. I won't buy leathers, because nobody wants to see that ;-)

This should be done by the end of september, I guess.

After that I'll go and save some more money to do my license over winter.
I will be pretty cold on the bike, but it makes it easier to get it done when I am the only learner. And I don't want to waste anymore time.
Hopefully I can buy my bike right on time for the season 2017.

I'm looking forward to the driving, it should be really fun, but I'm also really worried about the theory. Those tests are quite difficult here in germany. I don't know how it is outside this country, but I know from the time I made my car- and my truck-license they were so much easier. I took some online test to proof my knowledge and I have to admit I did fail epically. 10 tries, 10 fails!!!

I'll have to put much effort in it.
Buying a trainingsoftware seems to be a MUST-HAVE!

18.6.16 19:46
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