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I'd like to do a special and very personal christmas greeting.

But as usual and before I start I have to excuse my not so good english.

I want to reflect and value the year 2015 in my own way.
It's because the world is about to blow. This really big bomb we are sitting on is getting bigger day by day. And we, the whole world, have to do something about it and we have to do it fast!

We have this really big issue concerning all those refugees. The problem is that among those refugees are a lot of people that do not belong with all those who fled for political reasons. They left their countries just for the money they hope to make here.
But they are causing new problems that will lead us back to a time we hoped we left behind.
I know it deep down in my guts that we (back here in germany) will end up with a bunch of Neo-Nazis in our parliament and eventually in the government. But no one else wants to acknowledge it, or they do but they turn their backs on this matter.
I hope I will be wrong about all this, but I am pretty sure I am not.

I know it sounds bad, but I really like to close our borders for a while. But not for meaning those honest refugees any harm, but to figure out a way to keep those freeriders away and send them back. If there is a better way I'd take it! But considering my point about the "Neo-Nazis" my logic seems to be sound.

But the world is not always the worst place to be. The disaster I mentioned before showed me that most people care about other people. Many good things happened and make me believe that there is hope.
I hope this spirit will spread and grow. It's a shame to myself, but I have to admit that I have been way to busy with myself. I haven't figured if it was just being selfish or if my problems were so huge that they made me forget about others. I promise to do better and find a way to get involved.
Although I'm trying to cheer up the people I deal with every day and as good as its possible. I'm caring, listening to their worries and problems or bring along a jar of cookies or something like that.

Of course my private catastrophies are pretty small compared to the global problems, but they kept me very busy.
I tried to make a really big dream come true a little earlier, but there were those „hick-ups“ that won't let me do so.
Anyway if those „missfires“ will leave me alone next year I will archive my big goal by late summer.

I know that some people will feel a little split about my point of view, maybe they even like to call me crazy or worse. But consider this: If one likes to make the world a better place, one must start at any point. This was mine and maybe, just maybe it will help us all to get started.

What is left to say.
Have a very merry christmas, spend time with the ones you love.
Don't think about expensive gifts, when love and time is everything that really matters!!!
Well, if you feel you have to buy huge presents, just do it. But I think that it's not necessary at all.

Merry christmas again and make the world a better place.

24.12.15 01:49
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